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  1. Please, her books were rhetorical screeds of revenge porn against the Soviet government. "you took daddy's land away! now he's gonna burn it!"

  2. Ayn Rand was also against the war on drugs, she wanted legalisation of drugs, and she was anti religious. Two very important things that is very different from conservatives.

  3. Ayn Rand fun fact:  She hated Christians and said they're all weak minded.  That's pretty much the only thing I agree w/her on.  It's ironic that so many Christian righties adore and idolize her so much.  This, this fills me w/lulz.

  4. Conservatives have their articles of faith, torn from the pages of Friedman and Hayek, devoid of context or consequence; and they have their saints, like Reagan and Rand. Never mind that the actual human being would never be accepted by the Right if they were alive and active today. You take the bits you like and you paper over the rest.

    Forget Ayn Rand. If Jesus were alive today, the right would crucify him.

  5. I agree with you completely as a libertarian – the republicans are huge hypocrites, especially when it comes to ayn rand. they hate government only when it is convenient to them, yet they'll love government when it is used against gays, atheists, etc. but at the same time, you can't then argue for big government for consequentialist means against groups like the rich and then not use it (repealing government) for individualist purposes for things like drugs, alcohol, marriage etc – to me it's hypocritical for any group to use two contradicting principles (either individualism or consequentialism) to support their politics. if you don't care about the social consequences of legalising drugs or other such things, then in principle, you shouldn't care about the economic consequences of capitalism. either we are a group or we're individuals. we should stick to one or the other if we want to use consistent logic. 

  6. I still remember Harold Ford Jr. preaching about subsidies for the fossil fuel industries, even AFTER acknowledging that they are the most profitable companies on Earth.  THIS is why BOTH parties must be destroyed, along with their cadre of followers…

  7. Rand is the Hitler of writing, committing a holocaust of words known as Atlas Shrugged.

    Seriously, that thing is unreadable garbage.

  8. Ayn Rand was a psychopath devoid of any empathy or compassion, and her so called "philosophy" is nothing more than her attempt to pass off her malignant psychosis as an ideology.

    For what it's worth, calling her a hypocrite is inappropriate because it implies that she had some values to compromise.  Her only value, and she explicitly states it, is pursuit of self interest with an absolute disregard for others.  When she didn't need assistance she railed against social programs because she didn't want to pay taxes.  When she did need assistance, she put her hands out for a fucking welfare check.

    I don't need the program right now, so I hate it.
    I do need the program right now, so I love it.

    That's not hypocrisy because it IS her principle.

    The answer to what she would do if she was a member of Congress today is an easy one: she would do whatever her corporate overlords paid her to do, because that's where her pure self interest with utter disregard for others would lead her.

    You can see it in how Libertarians operate today.  For example: who are the biggest crony capitalists?  The Koch brothers.  What's the biggest Libertarian think tank?  The CATO institute.  Who founded the CATO institute?  The Koch brothers.  They're preaching one thing, and doing another.

    The ONLY difference between a Libertarian and a crony capitalist is whether or not they're on the receiving end of the dole.

  9.  I looked up "hypocrisy", and it said: See tea party, GOP, libertarian, conservative, corporate cocksucker.
    Rand walked back nearly everything she wrote about, before her death. How you can say she "was" consistent in her writings and not acknowledge this, (like most libertarian ayn rand lovers) is not very honest. Just "glossing" over this as just a minor conclusion isn't right. SHE WAS WRONG AND SHE KNEW IT.

  10. At least Ayn Rand was a good writer. I enjoyed Atlas Shrugged. Few issues I agree with her on, mainly issues of theft.

  11. Ayn Rand received government assistance in the form of healthcare at the end of her life when she died of an illness related to smoking. (She maintained that smoking was not bad for one's health.)

  12. Ayn Rand; cold war cult hero, of irrational nutters, who believes people are a commodity that deserve to suffer if they don't make the grade.