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  1. The occupy movement is merely the initial shuddering of a paradigm shift. I don't think it's current 'members' will see any substantial change within 30 years. But the next generation will refine the cause and carry it further. 
    That is if the movements grievances have substance.

  2. My freakish nephew was able to make the most incredible stripper there is in my town fall for him as he cheated by using the Cupid Love System (Google it). It’s bad but I wish I became happy for him but I dream a beautiful individual would fall in love with me like that. I’m incredibly green with envy. Does that mean I’m a lousy human being?

  3. Occupy if your not a sheep, if you want representation in our so called democracy, stop capitalism, put those greedy war mongering politicians in jail, give the power back to the people to decide what is right for them, stop monsantos, end the federal reserve, let us vote on every subject and it be counted by real people not secret companies, if they can collect taxes they can collect our votes on what we really want.

    Change history so that your children dont have the same problems. Stand Up

  4. i love working out so i dont really know how the people feel but losing weight does suck i know. you just need that motivation. those people dont have it.

  5. what 12 year old wears fur?why not just convince people how ugly fur looks on clothes because it does it's gross and faux fur doesn't smell like death if you are lame enough to like that look.

  6. Wow… Anyone wearing anything that even looks like fur needs to wear bulletproof vests and hats under cute ear covering hats.

  7. The occupy movement has proven to the government that if we wanted to, we could so take over the government like our fathers did in the revolutionary war. We can. If we aren't lazy.

  8. @heatblaze123 I'm sorry me and my sister were bullied constantly as children and has given me life long mental scars and just don't find bulling a laughing matter.

  9. Hahaha lol sooooo funny i like how that kid is getting bullied and all you can think about is that other kid yelling hit him harder lol so funny haha -_- seriously kid get off the internet if your mentality is not prepared to look past that "child humor"this place aint for you.