Scientists have to work with some very large and some very small numbers. To represent these numbers more easily, they use scientific notation. Scientific notation relies on powers of 10. This video gives examples of how to represent a large and small number and explains powers of ten.


  1. This video really enlighted me about the scientific notation I 'learned' from school.
    I think that was for me what you said music meant to you for about 2 years, hehe :/

  2. Thx for the help! 🙂 Every time we do Star Math, it always asks me stuff i don't even know like notations with 20 0s (it's frustrating and confusing, so I guess). My teacher told me my math grade level is 9th grade and I'm in 6th grade.

  3. Brilliantly explained. Thanks a lot! This can be directly used as example for teaching confused kids the beauty of exponents.

  4. It's not 2000 billion billion billion you pretzel. It's 2 decillion. You don't say 4000 is "4 ten ten ten" or a 1000000 "1 thousand thousand" jeez.