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Clip from the Monday, December 22nd 2014 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 4-6pm Eastern.

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  1. One of my favorites is Hitchens' proposed commandments which include, I think it's number 8: Turn off that fucking cell phone.

  2. I've functioned by for a while: If someone says they believe something, assume they really do believe that thing! I know its un-PC or whatever, but its a lot easier to get along in the world when you don't second guess what's going on in someone else's head as if you know and they dont.

  3. The Bible's morality is useless. We need morality concerning pollution, hacking, nuclear power, safe driving… Where are these in the Bible ?

  4. Comparing a new set of laws with a half duplicated title based up of a set of laws introduced to only the tribes of Israel.
    And look at the the big time difference of the time line it was produced in, of course the laws set closest to your time line (especially appealing to your associated group) would make more sense.

  5. There was way more than just ten commandments that group of individuals had. Not only that but its simply just a reversion of the translation from Arabic…. so what! Because most likely before that the Persians adapted (or stole) part of there belief from "The Original Tribes of the World".

  6. treat other as you would want them to treat you: the 8th atheist commandment, yet its also in mathew 7 "So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets" – how original atheists

  7. Anyone trying to make their own commandments, check out Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate. It has some brilliant insight into how the mind works, and can greatly help those who wish to create a code of morality without religion.

  8. I like how these are basically telling you to respect other beliefs and be open and to help people and the other ones are telling you to only follow one thing and that everyone else is wrong and yet most Christians consider us immoral brainwashers

  9. I disagree that, don't rape/murder should have been specifically laid out I think it was covered with treat people the way you want to be treated

  10. Religion would be the most hilarious joke ever if it wasn't responsible for so much psychotic behaviour, murder,war,stupidity,denial of actual facts,lack of common sense,denial of science, denial of history, pediphiles,,getting in way of medical advances,etc, etc, could go on forever.

  11. Fortunately, being a person of average intelligence, I don't need commandments or a god to understand and exhibit moral behavior.

  12. Don't kill
    Don't steal
    Respect other peoples choices
    Tax churches
    Maximum income capped at fifty million a year anything beyond that given to charity
    ran out of ideas there you go 

  13. These are pretty good.  I have to admit, as a theist – the Christian type – I'm guilty of breaking the 10 non-commandments as well as the Biblical 10. I do covet. I also lie, cheat, and steal. In fact, I'm confident I don't keep the first 4 (No other gods, Don't use God's name in vain, no idols, and the keep the Sabbath). Like all kids, I've cursed my parents, and according to Jesus himself, I've committed adultery because of lust and murder because I've been angry and even hateful toward others; some in my own family! Thus, I'm guilty of breaking all 10! However I also do not try to follow the Biblical Ten Commandments. In stead, I – like many people – strive to act on the "non-commandments" (with the exception of #5 and #9), as well as the "don't murder, rape, rob…".

    You see, I KNOW I will fail – but it doesn't keep me from trying. Actually, as a I don't actually fear being tossed into hell by a tyrant god-dictator. (Of course, an atheist doesn't either… and If I were an atheist, I would probably just ignore believers beliefs and let them be as long as they let me be)  Instead, I am confident that I am viewed by God as if I behave and think perfectly pure, righteous, and even -I dare say – godly! I could be wrong – there really is no God and I simply have to deal with my humanity as best I can, trying keep the non-commandments without turning against a few of my fellow human beings – especially the other stupid, greedy, selfish folks that sometimes drive me crazy. You know the type… Like the neighbor who keeps parking in front of my house, the irritable co-worker that always gets in the way of progress, and of course all those crooked politicians that take our taxes and waste the money on war, and other things that really need to be removed from humanity!

  14. I agree with all of these and the original Ten Commandments that don't mention god(don't kill, covet, steal, commit adultery, honor parents). As Liberal Catholic though, I have a problem with your commentary. You seem really snide in your potshots at religion(was the body joke supposed to be a pedophile reference?). I admit Religion is not perfect, but neither is Atheism. The bible is not to be taken literally, but metaphorically. Also, #7 of the non-commandments(treat others as you would yourself) is straight from the bible.

  15. Don't murder -> commandment (7): it is already in there exept it's been put in so not to give the chance to be used like the "don't kill commandment" to deny assisted suicide and others.

    (7) = "treat others as you would want them to treat you and can reasonaly expect them to want to be treated. Think aabout there perspective"

  16. #1 should be . . . First do no harm
    #2. . .in so be it harms none, do thy own will
    #3. . . used as 10, golden rule

  17. I am for the original ten commandments. I do not think they should be laws today, but I certainly think they are good codes to live by. Atheists and people like the guy from Secular Talk pretend that they're objective and all about facts. But his only criticism of the original ten commandments is that "they're stupid". That is pure opinion, nothing more than that.

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