Andrew McCarthy Recalls A Wild Night In LA With Liza Minelli And Sammy Davis Jr.


  1. An amazing doc! 80s nostalgia really be gettin' us some great content. Thanks for using this film as an extended therapy session, Andrew! Such a creative reflection of The Brat Pack. Hopefully Sony gives us a St. Elmos' Fire sequel!

  2. I was floored when I found out they all had this negative perception of the term Brat Pack. I always thought it was just in reference to the fact that they were younger than the original Rat Pack, not that they were actual brats. Hopefully now they'll all start doing projects together. They all look amazing.

  3. I remember nearly every day of the summer of 1984. But when I hear that this article came out in 1985, it sounds like ancient history. I mean 39 years before 1985 was just after WWII

  4. It was "All i need is a pair of whleels" because in 1985 record producer David Foster approached John Parr about writing and recording the theme song for the upcoming movie St. Elmo's Fire. John actually used recently injured and wheelchair bound Canadian Hansen's story as his inspiration for writing the song St. Elmo's Fire, “Man in Motion”. Rick Hansen did a world tour on his wheelchair to raise awareness across the globe.

  5. I am 50 and I absolutely loved the "Brat Pack"!! My favorite movies often featured actors who weren't even in the "pack", like "The Outsiders". But "Class" is my favorite AM movie, Rob Lowe, hubba hubba!! [Before Lowe got into trouble lol]

  6. The composers of St. Elmo's Fire theme song were inspired by Canadian athlete Rick Hansen, who at the time was going around the world in his wheelchair to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries when writing the song – thus the reference to the "wheels" (not wings).

  7. The Liza story is INSANE. I was a baby/child when the Brat Pack were doing their thing, but I was heavily brought up on Liza, Judy, and the Rat Pack. I can't even fathom being in that sort of situation.

  8. One of my favorite movies is St. Elmo's Fire! It makes me happy and sad at the same time for the Nostalgia of the 80's, when I was young and trying to figure out life after being popular and in a sorority in college, then graduating and it all ending before I was ready for it to! Then being thrust into the REAL WORLD, and getting into it kind of blew. LOL! The movie shows and describes it perfectly, and the whole cast was also perfect. One of those movies that I can start watching no matter how long previously on, before I discover it again. I had such a crush on Rob and Andrew!

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