ANIMAL Teaser Reaction w/Achara & Steph! | Ranbir K. | Rashmika M, Anil K, Bobby D


  1. The Goons drop their Gatling Gun & run back in terror when Ranbir lights a cigarette behind a shield because The Shield is that of A Huge Turret Gun that they are shown unlocking in the crate..

    Ranbir about to One Up The Punisher in this Gory Massacre..Director Vanga likes his over-the-top unabashed unapologetic leads.

  2. Its very clear the movie is about toxic parent and abusive upbringing and the consequences of it! but am hoping to see more of the psychology of abuse and violence on the human psychic coming from a troubled background. I believe this is what Sandeep Reddy is intended to do with this film.

  3. I'm sorry, but why does Rashmika only choose to act in movies which are often misogynistic and made just for badass vibes without any profound meaning? Like this or Pushpa, I'm really starting to dislike this actress now, because it shows how she doesn't want to pick good scripts

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