Antony Starr on Working with His Celebrity Crush and the Weirdest Scene He’s Filmed for The Boys


  1. It's funny how the biggest villains on screen are usually played by the sweetest guys. Anthony Starr deserves an Emmy to be home delivered for what he pulls off as Homelander.

  2. Homeland is a fictional character I literally am afraid of in real life. It’s like I have a constant flight instinct every time I watch him on the screen. now , after I have seen Anthony starr as a real person for the first time and he is so lovely, I have a hard time imagining how I will feel about Homelander on Thursday, I don’t think it will be afraid anymore. Isn’t that crazy?

  3. The next time you want to slap around "the media" for the job they do, just think back to this interview where you buddy up to a guy with multiple accusations against him for being physically and mentally abusive on set and ask him nothing about it.

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