1. hahahahahahahah , That is one brave Samurai Black trans , gander fluid woman, better no upset anyone , we got a report in , almost all asian countries blacklisted our game , fuuuuck , scrub the first trailer , There was no N-word in the game , nevermind XD

  2. I understand that there has been a black samurai in history. But why is Ubisoft forced to show that it is progressive? I have the impression that this is more important to them than the gameplay itself. They read about Black Samurai and said "we have to make him a hero and we will finally bring AC action to Japan, no matter how many years players have been asking for it."

  3. funny how diversity means putting a black person in everything, for no bloodly good reason. the people these large companies are a pleasing to most likely wont even play the game anyways, why butcher the game! its a japanese based game, have it all japanese, that is the right way to do diversity! there is not enough asian representation as it is in the west.

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