Desi Lydic Educates Americans on The Wage Gap, Female Representation, and the E.R.A | The Daily Show


  1. Please do the research on the women’s soccer teamcase. A lawyer broke the case down & proved they are paid more: they made a deal where they get paid, win/ lose & they got child care… win/lose. The men get paid when they win. The leaders of in the women soccer team admitted they didn’t care they had a better deal, they wanted more. They left a bad taste in one’s mouth…

  2. What Desi forgot to mention is that Philis led the S.T.O.P. E.R.A. (Stop Taking Our Rights, Equal Rights Amendment) and got a PHD. She stopped other women from being able to do the same.

  3. Problems: Uses being under Peru as though Peru SHOULD be below us.

    Using the word stunting

    The difference between averages of what ALL men make and ALL women make is poor quality statistics.

    Fight for what you are worth, not based on what someone else makes.

    USA women's team chose the contract they have, over the play to pay which would have gotten them more money. They made a poor business decision and regret it.

    Uses air quotes to undermine what economist say
    Income increases after having a baby for men, but also increases as one ages.
    Terrible jokes
    Flexible work hours, affordable child care, policies. Asking for things from others as though they don't come at a cost.
    If there was a national policy for leave, then one size fits all. Might not like what the feds allot to you.
    Watch Man vs. Wild Male Vs. Female and see how women work together.
    "The first black woman in congress" Imagine telling someone new to the office that they are the first black person to work there and not letting them forget it. Race really matters to some I guess.
    According to the dictionary, man can refer to both men and women. Take this example:

    Understanding the laws of physics allows a man to understand the world around him in profound ways.

  4. Well the football example literally only applies for the US teams. Other than that it makes so much sense why the men football teams earn a lot more than their women counterparts as the revenue generated is significantly higher. That has nothing to do with gender discrimination but is just simple economics

  5. Hot girls like you can get a pay increase with a Fans only page…I would vote for you if you run for President and you have Trumps tiny hands…Can’t help with the ERA I live in a state that supports women.

  6. I love Desi but the bottom line problem is that many woman like the status quo. Put together the men who want to keep the status quo with the women who want it and those who want change are the minority. So women, get your own house in order.

  7. Oh Desi, so disappointing that you didn’t point out that Stanton and others intentionally decided to hold back women of color – believing they would hold back the movement. The right of women to vote was only for the right of white women. Always important to mention when discussing Seneca Falls and try actions that follow.

  8. Women's team was offered the same contract as the men and they rejected it. They negotiated a new one, won the cup and then realized they would have made more if they took the first offer. Then they wanted that money. Who's fault is it?

  9. Child rearing is the most underpaid job in the world. Having to take a hit on your main job and not jet paid for raising the future citizens of the world. Right vs left can be summed up in this way. The left realizes that we all depend on one another so we must protect the weakest among us. The right says F you, I got mine. Inclusion vs exploitation.

  10. My Dad and Mom said to me, "We put your brother through University to get his DegreeS. You need to find a guy to marry and stop whining about college." So I put myself through school and worked my way up to become a stockbroker. My brother works customer service at the phone co. And he asks me for investment advice. So you can create your own destiny by picking tough sales jobs and being the best. But I 100% agree this should be part of the constitution.
    Changing hard headedness in men will be the bigger challenge. They already think the brown and black folks are after their jobs and businesses. If "the little woman" rises up, they may get out the camo gear again. #1 don't vote for Trump or his followers who think women are playthings.

  11. I'm all for more women in politics if competence is there, elect her. My question is when can we acknowledge how well women are doing and adjust family law? Somehow I doubt more women in politics is going to repeal the miriad of laws benefitting women and disadvantaging men.

  12. Learn to how to market your self and know your skill set value. Your gender doesn't matter. Side note: laws are only useful if they are enforced (and if you aren't a billionaire, the laws aren't there for you). The main reason men might make more is they are more willing to take more shots/fail trying. It's how we (men) operate. Ex: Why do men make more money after having a child? Because they gather the information/proof of everything they've done and when the come up for a review, they show the proof on why they deserve more money. BAM, raise. If you don't approach it like that, you won't get a raise. PERIOD.

  13. I LOVE Desi Lydic, (I'd ask her to marry me if she wasn't already taken), but the founding fathers when using the word, "men", did not intend for this to be exclusive of women, it was a generalized term that included ALL women too, because back then, the word "men" was used as an all-inclusive noun to include ALL people. The English language was still developing and back them some words, (that are used today), had not been realized back then.

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