Emma Roberts on Being a Mom, Working on American Horror Story & Meeting Peyton Manning


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  2. Re: the first 2 episodes of what I hope will be many more! I can’t take my eyes off Kathryn Hahn. Or look away. She has the essential ingredient: what will she say next? Soooo smart and kind and aware – we love to see a bravada of mind in that space. ❤

  3. **SPOILERS**



    How annoying to have what seems to be a pretty crucial plot point absolutely spoiled. What the actual?! And this is a YouTube video, so they could have edited it out as well? I had literally loaded up the movie on another tab as soon as I saw the scene with Emma and Desi Lydic (legend), and then they give away the culmination of the movie and then laugh it off? I know it seems petty but it makes it really hard to actually want to watch the movie now. Part of enjoying stories is the wonder of whether or not (or even "how"), the main characters will get what they want, in the way that they want it. Now, instead of wondering "if", I only have the "okay, when does it happen?" and I have to hope that the "how they get there" is SO good. I think I'll turn off notifications for replies on this comment because upon rereading, I have a feeling that more people will reply with more spoilers or fake info, hehe. What a world.

  4. I dont think I ever actually watched an interview of Emma's. She seems like a lovely person.Also If they could just make ONE MORE season of COVEN I would die happy!

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