I’ve heard a lot of reasons for withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement but none of them makes sense to me.

Here are some links that support my thinking:
BC Carbon tax and impact:

Popular opinion about the Paris Climate Agreement:

India and China pledges:

Exxon Mobil support for Paris Agreement:


  1. 1) yes it is bad for US economy. laws and policies do cripple small business people.
    2) CO2 is good for trees and plants.
    3) natural disasters here on earth for many thousands of years. Dinosaurs extincted due to natural disaster not by man kind.
    4) I am glad that Trump pulled US out of this shit.

  2. The USA exited the Paris Agreement because the average US citizen wanted to. Otherwise they would have decided different in the election for president. And why does the average US citizen want this? Because the average person nowadays feels good when doing things that hurt others or everyone.

  3. How about this for a reason: All Pain, No Gain.
    If reality is only "how it looks" or "how it feels" then, someone give me a Lamborghini because I feel like a billionaire.

  4. Most conservatives in the US don't want to hear this. They've been duped by their pastors, politicians and the fossil fuel industry executives that use so many as puppets. Not sure who said it, but I've always liked the saying, "In order to be reasoned with, a person must first be reasonable."

  5. Anyone who is honestly stupid enough to think that the US pulling out of the Paris Accord was a bad thing should read this comment. I'm very disappointed with you Veritassium, I know you think the US is silly and like to criticize them every chance you get but you trying to tell your entire mostly politically uneducated audience that this was a bad thing is quite sad, you're either being paid by someone to say this or you honestly are willing to stand up for science and "saving the climate" over the fate of the entire US economy and population, what the hell dude, fuck you. Do you know how awful this would've been for us? The deal would've cost us a 150 billion decrease in GDP annually and we would've lost 6 million jobs. Also, the cost of electricity and water would've gone up by about 25%. All for what? According to the UN, this entire deal only will lower the global temperature by 1 third of a degree. 150 billion lost, 6 million jobs, 25% increase in bills, for 1 third of a degree. Go fuck yourself. This entire deal was a disaster and an obvious redistribution scheme, and I feel sincerely bad for any of the countries who decided to stay in this absolute train wreck of a deal.

  6. 100 Dollars billion a year, you missed that little point, given and managed by who?, Africa? where money goes to get laundered!

  7. Dude, no one in the world cares about the US economy. Not even the US citizens do mostly I guess. Your country is dead already and all of your industry resides in China. This thumbnail just makes me wanna dislike already.

  8. Climate change (aka global warming) is another great hoax/scare tactic used to oppress the peoples of this world – by a few elite scumbags. Wake up you twit and stop spreading this garbage.

  9. Oh my god does anybody actually belive this moron! Let me ask you this, why did the Stock Market set new high records right after President Trump pulled put of the Paris Accord?? That is a fact and we all understand when the stock market goes up the Economy goes down by your logic you stupid CUNT!! FUCK YOU and your bitchass disinformation!!!


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