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  1. Kinda late to the party here but I own a neptune pine and I find it to be a pretty awesome phone/watch/thing. It works well for a small android device. And it is stand alone so you don't need a phone to go with it.

  2. If you watch the whole video, not just this little clip, she was even walking up the hall slapping the shit out of him, she slapped him like 20-30 times before he hit her. And he didn't even hit her hard, she slipped because of her dumb ass heels.

    Bitch repeatedly put her hands on the wrong nigga and got what she deserved. Keep your motherfucking hands to yourself, ratchet ass gold digger. 

    Also, I would rather take a shit on my own wrist than put an apple watch on it. 

  3. I like wearable tech.  Especially the Google Glass.  That looks really cool  Too bad it is not Apple compatible. Luckily the apple watch will be out soon

  4. No no, Fuck YOU douschbag. Who the fuck are you to judge another man's actions in his relationships? Take your own advice and stay out of people's relationships.

  5. Lol iPhone vs android fights are so stupid and pointless, just like all youtube comment fights , you're all just trying to fill the void in your pointless lives

  6. for the time being I'm not a fan of smart watches. I had the exact same thoughts as you did, but with the android gear and before that the Pebble. "THIS IS SO COOL" followed by "oh wait, I can't really do anything I want".

    For the foreseeable future, the only features I want in a "smart" watch is biometric tracking (which the apple watch does some), and a clock (which the apple watch also does). Optionally, I think it'd be nice to see notifications (incoming call/text from X) so I knew if I should even bother taking my phone out (think apple watch does this).
    What kills the apple watch (and other smart watches) for me is the battery life, size and cost. I don't want to wear a watch so large, charge it every day or two, or pay over $250. I would happily give up a bunch of the "smart" features.

  7. Your Apple hatred (or jealousy as it were) is palpable. You're excited for the Moto 360 while doubting the Watch's ability to deliver tweets and Facebook posts. You're not sure about keeping credit card information being accessible from your phone although Google Wallet has been doing this very thing since 2011. 

    But the most egregious is your inability to deliver the facts on the nude picture scandal. Even if you doubt Apple the FBI's investigation concluded that these celebrities were targeted through phishing scams and deceitful means of learning their email addresses and security questions. Not the same as a hack. 

    You should know better if you're attempting to be a source of factual (but opinionated) information. But your refusal to report the facts is disheartening. Hopefully your viewers will take the time to actually find out what happened.

    If not then congratulations on creating another Fox News-style bubble. 


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