Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler revealed a big win for net neutrality advocates on Wednesday, asking for strong authority to enforce open Internet protections…

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Clip from the Wednesday, February 4th 2015 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 4-6pm Eastern.

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  1. That is NOT a win, it's a loss because it's not the "Net neutrality" we all thought we were getting.  It's a power grab to seize control of the internet and control what we see hear and say.

    It's Obama's plan called "Net Neutrality". Same name, different meaning.

  2. I'm not sure this is going to work. Today I heard xfinity TV commercial saying "Fastest speeds available and (even faster for an additional charge). Are we sure this wasn't a bate us into one thing so they could get away with some other charge? They are just going to charge us more instead of companies trying to start a web page.

  3. A free market internet is better than a a government controlled internet.

    What is SOO dumb about more Government control of the internet is that it gives MORE power to the politicians, and therefore the politically connected lobbyists.
    FCC regulating the internet means Lobbyists 1, consumers 0.

    Yeah, think again as to why massive corporations (google) want the FCC regulations. content provider monopolies dont want to share their monopoly winnings with pipelines.

    Wow, a total logical contradiction to say "Its anti-competitive" for marketplace players to make decisions in a competitive marketplace. If buyers and vendors dont like what they are doing, they go elsewhere.

  4. Where is your evidence that shows ISP's are causing issues that would require the GOVERNMENT to come in and regulate the largest information stream on the planet?  What in human history would make me trust the government to provide an open stream of information vs. a company that is subject to competition and that I have a contract with?

  5. When you order the Internet from a company you should get the Full Power available for that service!,with that said; It would be like this otherwise!; If a Car Company sold you a car that could go 100 miles per hour but the car company said wait a minute,we will only give the car that speed if you pay an extra $10,000,or it will only achieve 50 miles per hour!, When the car was made to go 100 miles per hour in the first place!,they in return would be cheating you out of Half of the Product that they are selling,this could be described as a form of Marketing Blackmail!

  6. The Internet had been under soooo many threats these last few years, it's amazing that we managed to push back most of the biggest ones!

  7. +Secular Talk I totally agree with you here. In fact I think this is an argument for a Net Neutrality constitutional amendment.   That's the one thing that might pretty much put a stop to it once and for all. Than again, like you said, we do have a lot of wealthy people on our side as well.

  8. What? Telecom lobbyists working at the FCC and the Obama administration and we still won? Amazing. I expect them to keep trying though.

  9. So what I'm hearing is basically if you love your internet access as it is now, you'll support this set of rules. This is more about preserving and strengthening what we already have now over allowing the wealthy at the top from turning the open internet in to a proprietery walled garden (think AOL) or a type of channelized system much like a cable subscription package where only a few dozen sites are offered and additional access to other sites must be paid for in a tiered system. I praise the FCC chairman for having a brass set, he basically told the industry bullies to go fuck themselves. I respect this.

  10. SWEET. It's nice hearing this. The idea was bullshit from the start, we pay for the internet, we decide how we wish to use it… it's only the provider's job to supply it, not decide what we do with it, or manipulate the speeds on a whim.

  11. The ISP's tried to get a Law that protected Extortion. 
    The free flow of information scares those that wish to enslave us. 

  12. I think the best thing he said, even though was happy to hear the news and his explanations, is that the idea is still out there and will not die. so – keep paying attention! I agree with a commentor below that said something about, yeah, now it's time to get the monopolies out of the ISPs also!

  13. It's like like picking from two different mounds of shit to make a lunch for yourself. Bureaucracies like the FCCs are barely undemocratic soft tyrannies and have a long history of censorship and industry whoring. On the other hand, big telecoms are private tyrannies that will reserve a vital resource for a privileged class (with a corporate nanny state mind you!) And have absolutely no sway towards democratic principles.

  14. Cenk from TYT theorized that big time investors involved in uber lucrative Internet startup in silicon valley and elsewhere, investors with metric tons of money, would never allow those microbes of ISPs to take over their new gold rush turf that is the Internet. 

    Yes, we had over 4 MILLIONS+ signature on the FFC website. Yes, we had business giants such as Google and Facebook on our side. But ultimately, it's all about money and those conglomerates, literally swimming in trillions of $$$, could buy all the US ISPs combined with their pocket change.

    The now puny looking 350$ million in lobbying the ISPs burned, they burned it for nothing as it seems. Still, just to make sure, the FCC MUST reclassify the ISPs as common carrier. I would even go as far as to make an Internet amendment in the constitution. Nothing less will do in the long run.

  15. I couldn't keep my eyes off Kyle's earrings… Are they a new thing or have I never noticed them before. A hoop and a stud. He's slowly transitioning into a full fledged pirate, yargh

  16. Who cares. This news is meaningless if my internet is going to be dictated by fascist patriarchal regimes. Again our host Kyle is gravely mistaken by the logical fallacies of the fabric of society that only a top mind like myself is beholden to.


  17. I'm still on the fence about this. Tom Wheeler was once a lobbyist for Comcast. I suspect the guy has a trick or two up his sleeve.

  18. Can't fight City Hall… unless you're freakin' Google, bitches!
    I really, really, really hope those particular San Franciscans stick to their company motto. 'Cause if they don't, we're fucking screwed.


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