These amazing last second buzzer beater basketball shots are epic! These half court shots and even full court shots to score in the last second of the game are epic and the crowd reactions are incredible!


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  1. My favorite one I've ever seen was when the guy was diving for it cause it was going out of bounds and he throws it around his back and it goes in and he couldn't stop running so just runs straight out the door

  2. Number 4 should've been number 1 he cut it reeeaaaly close to the buzzer. The number 1 was probably only number 1 because it was a girl smh -_-

  3. Whichever like you are has to hit a three pointer to save your life (Dead or Alive)
    1: Curry
    2: Shaq
    3: LeBron
    4: Deandre Jordan
    5: Lavar Ball
    6: Klay
    7: Kobe
    8: Javele McGee
    9: Kyrie
    0: Isaiah Thomas

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