In which Mike Rugnetta continues to teach you about tricksters. In this episode, we’re talking about tricksters as culture heroes. Basically, a culture hero is someone whose creativity adds to their mythological culture. We’ll learn how the shennanigans of Hermes are credited with deeply influencing Greek culture and myth, and we’ll look at how Loki’s tricks led to a lot of important aspects of Norse myth. This episode has it all! Cattle rustling, cook outs, luthiery, joke haircuts, and Gullinbursti the Battle Swine. All that’s to say, this is a good one.

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  1. Loki escaping with his neck reminds me a lot of Antonio's escape from paying 'a pound of flesh' in 'The Merchant of Venice' by Shakespeare.

  2. Either the Greeks would have a good laugh at how we found their old Hermes statues and thought the penises were being used to point the way, or they'd laugh at our strange culture where we DON'T do that.

  3. @crash course as a person who asked for you to cover trickers around the world and their similarly on day 1 I thank you

  4. Couldnt brock have sliced through the bottom part of the head? Like leaving a bit of the chin and skull off? Surely part of a head is better than no head.

  5. Worth looking at Bricriu in the Ulster cycle. Similar, a provoker, occasionally cowardly, often bad news but still part of society. These guys are the spice, the joy, the cruel. All things. Loki protects Asgard with the wall, Gungnir and Mjolnir coming from him. Without him Asgard doesn't survive til Ragnarok with the loss only of Baldur. Then again Loki (arguably as a pawn of Gulveig's vengeance) brings Ragnarok. Huh! Makes it interesting!

  6. The brothers should just have cut Lokis head in two pieces horizontally, and left the bottom half attached to his neck.

  7. Isn't there an epilogue to that story with Loki? Doesn't Brock go to the dwarfs looking for a definition of where the neck ends and the head begins, which only leads to arguments and debates among the dwarfs?

  8. Could you add to the description the books you cite during the videos? I'd love to read more about mythology! Thanks!

  9. It bothers me that they keep making Loki look like a comic book character, but I take comfort in the fact that they got Thor's red hair right.

  10. You skimmed that Hermes story!! Its all in the sweet details. That poor farmer that spots Hermes stealing.. How Hermes walks the cows backwards into the OCEAN so it looks like cows walked out of the sea. Its all brilliant lol

  11. Anybody else only find the Norse myth out because of Code Lyoko? I still remember finding it in my high school library cause I wanted to find out about the Skidbladnir's namesake.


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