There are multiple methods of removing caffeine from naturally caffeinated plant products. Learn more about these processes — and how much caffeine they really remove — in this episode.

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  1. 2.5% IS BULL Crap. Because starubucks one shot decaf espresso or cup of coffee is at least 24-26 mg. THAT isnt 2.5 %. that is MORE than 2.5 %. Caffeinated as 100mg or more. So their coffee is only 1/4th decaf!!! 25% !! and for ppl highly alergic to caffeine that is a lot. THEY are also lacing their coffee with drugs.

  2. no caffeine in rooibos tea (perhaps, it's called red tea). about this video – somehow i hoped to hear a method i can make decaf myself in the kitchen 😀 LOL Can't drink much coffee.

  3. I've been looking for decaf green tea & here in France they don't have it. It's so shit here I can't believe it lol I used to live in England & they have so many brands of decaf green tea overthere but here in France they dont sell it!!

  4. Sound to me like this two guys are trying to convinced public against consuming decaff coffee. I bless decaff coffee, The Colombian brand I buy tastes even better than the regular one!!!!

  5. Thanks for this video. For me, avoidance of caffeine is not a 'political' or social 'coolness' choice. If I have something with caffeine in it, it makes my whole body ache and gives me shivering chills, just like you would have when you get the flu, but without the runny nose or cough. If caffeine makes someone really ill, like it does to me, why would I willingly consume something with caffeine in it? I'm glad there are processes that remove caffeine. I'm happy that there are people who are not adversely affected by caffeine, but conversely people should accept that there are people like me who are really badly affected by caffeine. It's not a case of 'Why would you want to remove all the good stuff about coffee/tea?' The question is, 'Why would I want to consume something that makes me ill?' I don't understand why some people think that it is wrong for someone like me to want to avoid caffeine, and are so condescending about it…….

  6. How do you extract the reactive reagents after they have bonded with the caffeine molecule? Don't tell people half of the method, finish the extraction!

  7. Supercritical carbon dioxide is also used for dry cleaning using the same method.

    Supercritical water is used to destroy chemical weapons by burning them in it.

  8. Your videos are pretty good when a single person does it. But when 2 or more ppl do, they SUCK big time b'coz stupid meaning-less jokes.. Please STOP those !!

  9. Decafe coffee is nasty, I prefer Maxwell house Original blend black and of course HOT Speaking of coffee I'm going to go brew some right now.

  10. That would be DE-sweetened tea. UN-sweetened tea means that it has never been sweetened. It's not that hard to understand the prefix UN- means not. As in not sweetened tea as opposed to sweetened tea which is delicious. I don't get what's so hard to understand about all this. Hal Sparx did a joke about this and it was just as stupid then.

  11. i work at starbucks i was waiting the whole video for them to say you never get a fully 100% decaffeinated coffee, they didnt say it until the end. lolzez. still good video though

  12. Milk + sugar = some real good coffee.
    I know what you're talking about. I know a few coffee addicts that get headaches if they dont get their morning coffee. People can get addicted to anything these days.


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