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  1. I'm a sex offender for having seen some photos of her disgusting, naked body? Sheesh, get over yourself, sweetheart! 🙂

  2. First rule of sexting: Don't do it but if you do, don't put your face in the pictures. Its not her fault this happened but that is just good general advice, especially if you are famous. I understand she feels hurt but well over half of America saw those pictures. Blame the hacker(s) and only the hacker(s). You can happen across the pictures even if you aren't looking for them. She is one of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood right now. She is expecting way to much out of people to think they won't be curious and look.

  3. But saying that,did she not get naked for a role in a movie or half naked? Did she not pose nude for a magazine? I am sorry but if it was someone who was actually keeping their body private and not for other people to see her naked body and then she had her phone hacked and the images leaked then yes,feel shit and it should be an offence,say it was someone like Taylor swift and it happened to her and she has never been naked in a movie or posed naked for a magazine or for a lads wank mag,and her phone was hacked and the images were leaked then I 100% would feel sorry for her because she kept her body private.If it was someone like Miley Cyrus who we have literally seen everything off and she lets people touch her ass and vagina,and she had images on her phone that was leaked then she has 0 rights to cry about it! Everyone saw you anyway.If you have respect for yourself and want to keep your body private and protected then dont pose naked in magazines or go nude in movies,simple logic really..

  4. Consent is important here… She took these pictures with the consent of the photographer- not the release of any one else to see.
    There's a big difference than just "well she's nothing special". doesn't matter, she didn't give consent.

  5. It's just a human body , we've all seen them many times before (her's is certainly nothing special ,that's for sure) just get over yourself,ya dumb bitch, you posed for nudes in the first place and left them in a vulnerable place.Enough of the " I'm such a victim!" bullshit. (she's a victim of her own stupidity)

  6. yea she's hot, but not being a white knighter or anything i wont look at them. pics and shit just dont do it for me, and she isnt so hot that im like hmmmm lets see her tits. kids and pervs got their jollies off and its just sad

  7. surprise, yet another multi-millionaire actress complaining about how hard her life is. it's really gotta suck, being the second-highest paid acting person in Hollywood, huh?

  8. I saw some of the pictures, didn't go looking for them or so, they just showed up on tumblr. Did I share? No, of course not. It's her body, it's her choice and these pictures being on the internet for everyone to see was not something she chose.

  9. Similar to Child Porn, I feel that if you see a hack photo of a celeb, exit immediately and don't do anything with it. Sharing and keeping should be illegal to some point


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