This week, Stan teaches you about patents. It turns out, they’re patently complicated! So, patents have some similarity to copyright, in that they grant a limited monopoly to people who invent things. The key difference in patents and copyright is that patents are for THINGS. Copyright is for an idea. So, if you’ve come up with a great new invention, like for example, a condiment gun, you should get a patent. We’ll also talk about some of the limitations and problems of patents, including patent trolls

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  1. Take breaths when you talk. It makes for better hosting and sounds a lot more pleasant to listen to! From the perspective of the audience

  2. It's just some carry over from our attempt to become a civilization… eventually patents will become obsolete. I'm hoping that I can see that day come while I'm alive.

  3. I have an idea that proposes the method of performing an experiment. I can't perform the experiment as it requires huge capital. I would like to give this idea to a medical institute. How can I protect my idea and 'sell' it to a medical institute without being conned. Do we need so much money for patents because I don't have so much money to spare at this point in my life. Thanks!

  4. Discovering that a patent sets Piracy in motion. I
    suggest (if your not wealthy) spending approximately one hundred and fifty
    dollars to initiate a patent. Once you receive your file # abandon the patent
    thus saving lots of money that you didn't have anyway. This will protect you of
    Law suits from the pirates.

    Sit back and wait. If your invention is
    brilliant it won't be long before a pirate (that has lots of money) improves or
    changes your idea and files his own patent.

    Millions have now been spent
    bringing your invention to fruition and you can easily (with all that free
    advertising) go out and sell your improved prototypes.

    As an

    SKATE WALKERS — Canada patent file #2,116,091

    To raise
    money I contacted a large sport firm to sell them this patent. I was ignored and
    a year later came across my invention all improved in nice packaging with patent
    pending retailing for fifteen dollars.

    Well my heart sank and I really
    needed a cup of coffee.

    I rationalized it this way. They have spent mega
    bucks on dies, production, packaging etc. I will sit back and wait till these
    become popular then re approach these people to buy my patent advising them that
    I could produce my prototype like pop corn and put them in 7 ELEVEN retailing at
    $3.75 a pr.

  5. So in case I create something, fabricate it and sell it, but I do not file for a patent. Is somebody allowed to copy it? Is't it still my IP? Can somebody else file for a patent on my design? What would be my rights in that case?

  6. Fun Fact: Tony Stark's ARC reactor is not protected by patent. Tony wants exclusive control of the technology so he can't risk filing a patent – even one held as a state secret by the United States. That's because if the U.S. government –  or any of its contractors or  subcontractors – uses or manufactures an invention covered by your  patent, you cannot get a court to stop that use or manufacture, and you cannot sue for infringement. Your only  judicial remedy is to seek  “reasonable and entire compensation”.

    In other words, if Uncle Sam started manufacturing Iron Man suits using Tony's patent(s) all he could do is become the world's first trillionaire. Of course by not patenting the ARC reactor Tony is playing a dangerous game – the next genius who discovers the ARC can patent it out from under Tony and restrict access to Tony's own invention.

    Kinda makes Whiplash from Iron Man 2 seem really stupid now doesn't it.

  7. So, what are the differences between copyright and patent? I mean an novel technology could be considered as an art too right? What about new guitar or piano? Do they count as a patent or copyright?

    And I think it is ridicilous when copyright are far more longer and easier to registered than the patent.

  8. You should've mentioned the Farnsworth Invention. It's a play about the invention of television between David Sarnoff and Philo Farnsworth. It's all about the patents and it's fascinating. Love this series!!

  9. I feel bad for this guy. I hope he's in on the jokes about everyone satirically complaining to him. Even better I hope it's his idea. Otherwise he is just being humiliated for just doing his job.

  10. Well to be fair to the Venitians' high opinion of their city, none of them ever went to New York. For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure Venetian pizza is quite good as well.

  11. I'm soooo happy Crash Course is covering something that is law-related. Even though its based on the legal system of the US. I find that its great insight for non-american viewers, (like myself), great for comparison.

  12. So who ever came up with the concept of a water bottle, license the invention to other companies/people who created water bottles like Contigo etcc.. ??

  13. So patents were great for that genius that lived in a community of idiots.
    And today you have to be the bigger genius with the most patents, or be the victim. This is why I rethink certain professions, because even if my idea is revolutionary there will be someone else to profit off it or it will not profit at all. I'm tired of doing all the work, while other people take the credit and $$$

  14. The best explanation of patents for laymen! Excellent! I can learn a lot from you for my own channel… Keep up the good work!

  15. So shouldn't 'patent trolls' be voided from their claiming money for the patents they own? Since the whole point of the patent law, from the start, is to encourage science and development.??

  16. I'm thinking of doing my dissertation on Intellectual Property, only problem is that I don't know anything about this subject except the most basics. Is there any one that has done IP (in the UK) at uni that are the most debated and controversial topics? Thank you if anyone does reply lol


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