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  1. I wish ea brought back fifa manager….l love manager mode in fc24 and just watching matches…but as lm sick of football manager…l would love a fifa manager that used fc24 match engine…l would buy it separately to fifa …EA are missing huge sales…everyone would buy a fifa manager type ea fc game..

  2. No woman's female career, no VAR, no team hymn intros… men… I mean… the gameplay feels realistic but… theres alooooot of stuff you guys left out of the game :/

  3. Hoping for an update to replace the dreadful commentary from the male vocals in this game. Very dull. Also most of the music is no good, very arcadey

  4. The game should have a virtual album, we can collect stickers. We can look at the stickers we don't have in the album and look for them in the market, do missions or buy packs. I think this album would be better than the Ultimate team transfer window. I would love for the game to be like Yu-gi-oh!, you have an album, you can see the cards you don't have in that album, the cards you have you put on the field to play.

  5. I want EA Sports FC equal to Yu-gi-oh!'s deck mount, with the trunk, the main deck, the side deck and the extra deck, the main deck is our main team, the side deck and extra deck is the reserves, the trunk is all our cards outside the main team and reserves, in the trunk we can see the cards we don't have, We can search for them in the store, do missions to get them or see packs that have these cards. Each league is a trunk, an album, a collection.

  6. Developers make a Volta Multiplayer and a Volta Single Player, the battles of Volta can recruit players of rating 40-95 and the Volta Multiplayer is to play with friends and online.

  7. There is nothing worse than EA SPORTS. I am so sorry i can't send you a printscreen to see my settings in FC 24 after a game crash: BACK to default. So i HAVE TO make these back all the season long:))))) because 100% Fc 24 will crash again:))))))).
    And i payed for this:))))))))))))

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