GOP Platform Reads Like A Trump Tweet | A Bearded VP? | Biden’s Team Hid Signs Of Aging


  1. Shame on you for jumping on the anti Biden bus, Colbert! Seriously. We are so TIRED of this. Every minute spent there takes away from time spent on the important matters including Project 2025 and the Epstein files and SCOTUS being completely corrupt. SHAME

  2. The USA desperately needs a new party that makes politics for its citizens, instead of for the super-rich. But instead they are trapped in a two-party system that they themselves maintain, as if there were no alternatives. That is why you are in such deep trouble.

  3. At the 2:35 mark, the Platform says:
    "We will make America the dominant energy producer in the world".

    Someone forgot to tell the Trumpublicans that, under Biden, we already ARE the dominant energy producer in the world!

  4. The 9/11 attacks bought both parties together
    The COVID-19 pandemic was supposed to bring everyone together, but Trump created chaos and doubt, and divided the country (leading to millions of people dying).

  5. I remain curious there is very few jokes regarding Mr. Trump’s age. He is a couple years younger than Mr. Biden. I continue to wonder how these focus jokes on Mr. Bidder’s assist with his agenda which we as a country need to keenly focus…

  6. YOUR TRUMP makes the USA a good place to live if your rich and looking for a TAX CUT wow USA WTF YOU SUCK now Trump will kill us all over the earth over MONEY OIL WTF WAKE UP USA put in Jail no golf

  7. Second video I have not agreed with, nor liked. Colbert and his writing team need to GET OFF THE BIDEN RIPPING TRAIN. It is NOT helping. Just dividing the dems for what? No new dem candidate will win. This is 2016 all over again. Biden is old but also intelligent and caring, he's a real human with feelings unlike his narcissistic psychopath lying rival.

  8. I can't believe we're talking about how old our president is he's like what 81 years old I mean come on guys seriously we all know how old these guys are I mean look at dumpster Donnie he wears a diaper and President Biden stumbles up some stairs and stumbles his words and delusional Donnie craps his pants on stage every chance he gets and has diarrhea of the mouth I'll still pick stumbling Joe over I'll crap my pants in front of everyone dumpster Donnie any day President Joe Biden could be in a coma and I would still vote for him President Biden could be in a wheelchair and I would still vote for him I will vote for anyone that is not Trump want to be dictator on day one the proud creator of project 2025 who says he has nothing to do with project 2025 but yet it's all his Goons that is pushing it obviously voting blue in November I believe back in the 1940 the people of the United States all decided they do not want a dictator in office we all learned our lesson with the horrific story of Hitler and the Nazis delusional Donny is trying to bring Hitler's Reign back through him I along with so many should be seeing red flag City right now the election is more important than any other election in history everyone needs to get out and vote in order for us to keep Life as we know it today and our life lessons from being erased from history all together cuz they have been doing this for 8 years or longer they have been waiting for the opportunity to turn on the people of the United States of America to make themselves look like victims when really they are the ones that is committing harm reflex reflex reflect Gaslight Gaslight Gaslight normalizing crazy these are all brainwashing techniques I know my comment is extremely long and I'm sorry for this but I am trying to spread the word as much as I can to whoever will listen please everyone we need to get this out the more the better they do not want their supporters to know that they are backing project 2025 because they know how unpopular it is so they're going to lie to your face and push their agenda like they have been doing for the last 8 years please everyone I am begging you our children are begging you help us protect them vote blue across the board in November or this will be the end of voting as we know it

  9. @5:08: Just wanted to point out that there have been times in our history when there was multiple vice presidents. Also, originally, the vice president wasn't chosen by and run with the elected president. After the election, the vice president would be chosen by the senate. When the senate majority was opposite the president's party, the vice president was often an adversary. Many times, the man the president ran against became VP. Discord caused by this forced a change but it would still be some time before the president and vice president ran together. Anyway. History is fun. Our country was fun. It was an okay run. I hope our next one isn't as bad as I think it could be… otherwise, it's been nice knowing you. Vive la resistance. Vote democrat for the better tyranny. The brighter dark future. Oh we'll make hellscape eventually but might as well have the nicer fall over Trump's destruction.

  10. I’m telling you rn we need to knock it off with the ageist bullshit because it only helps the other guy. For all we know trump could have slipped him a xanny bar or something. Watch if trump has a bad night and ever claims he was drugged then we will know he did. That was uncharacteristic of Biden.
    I refuse to watch any show that shits on Biden. He has continuously been underrated, so much so he is our secret weapon.
    Our problem is our youth worshipping culture doesn’t appreciate wisdom from experience.
    When you bitch about his age you are strengthening trump!
    Do you want to live in a nightmare hellscape, no? Well then KNOCK IT OFF!
    I will quit viewing and supporting any show that intentionally or unintentionally strengthens trump.
    No more calls to replace him unless there’s an official conversation about it or the dictator wins!!
    And it will get really bad really fast. You want to know the scariest part (even scarier than women being killed for abortions or scarier than many losing their rights) It’s trumps intention to deport all immigrants and his political haters and enemies!!! Can you figure out why? It will NOT be cost effective! Do you know what will be? Gaschambers just like the dictator before him.
    Shows like Kimmel, and Colbert have a lot more to lose cause they have been speaking out against trump!! It’s to both your benefit to knock it off with the agist bs or Trump’s chances to ruin our country then the world will be increased

  11. Even Stephen’s most ardent fans must admit he isn’t quite as funny as he used to be. He definitely has lost a step or two… maybe he should consider stepping down.

  12. Democrat voters are in such denial right now. Largely because they have turned their backs against the majority of Americans and are only worried about preserving their court appointed victory roll of the last decade.

    If democrats would stop trying to villianize white, christian, men, trump wouldnt stand a chance. But the DNC and its loyalists do not care and think they are entitled to win.

    Maybe you wouldnt be in panic mode right now if you hadnt spent the last 4 years blaming everything wrong with your world on white people who have no more control over the government than you do.

    Basically youve created your own problem where there was once unity.

    Thats why with this election of two senile buffoons, I am firmly behind Vermin Supreme. If you are going to vote for a joke, make sure it is at least funny.

  13. I bet these jokes will be even funnier on November 6th when the media have endless examinations and monologues on why their hands are all burnt. You're playing with fire. Again.

  14. I love your show but wonder why there was zero mention of Trump/Epstein. The talk is that there’s a cover up because people at your network are also guilty. Silence & focus on Biden’s age are not a good look. Hope you didn’t do anything that could hurt Evie

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