Honest Game Trailers | Minesweeper (ft Nolan North & Troy Baker from Retro Replay)


  1. You…-snicker- You could do Tales of Vesperia (Definitive Edition or not) and have Troy on board because he's the main character. (If somehow he sees this, I want him to know I love that game to bits and no one could have done a better job)

  2. This was a disappointment. Seems pretty narcissistic too. Just because it wasn't your idea to do minesweeper you make someone else talk about it and just complain the whole time? This wasn't an "honest game trailer"

  3. I loved minesweeper. Best omg the internet isn't working and I don't want to start a replay of my non internet singleplayer games games ever. There is something so soothing about it. Like you don't worry when you lose cause it likely wasn't possible to win in the first place, to the heart break when it's literally down to two squares and it's literally 50/50. Once you understand the rules it's perfection. And it's so weird that so many never figured it out, and couldn't understand even when slowly and patiently try to explain it to them. It's pure logic, after the initial guessing and the possible coinflips, and it's just so soothing.

  4. Thank you for reminding me of minesweeper. The modern versions made me give it up. I've just downloaded the original, and an upgraded version called mines-perfect. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Minesweeper. I forgot about that game. I did play it in my youth. This is an amusing trailor for it. I wonder if I there is a trailor for Free Cell. My grandma used to play that game when she was alive. I played it too. Free Cell is a royal pain in the neck to play. That could make for a funny trailor. I recently tried playing it with old fashioned paper cards, and I add extra free cells. The game was easier, and it became a lot more fun.

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