“I Do Not Trust Them To Protect Our Rights” – Sen. Booker On Trump-Appointed Judges


  1. So go over to the Daily Show and convince John to run with Bernie as his VP. They will win in a landslide, then he can dismantle the corporate stranglehold over Congress with executive actions, and resign so Bernie can get to work. We chose Bernie. Not Hitlery, Not The Great Orange Fukpotato, and nobody wants Biden. We chose Bernie. That's the wrong that created all this chaos. And the only man in this entire country that has enough clout and influence to right that wrong is John. You know it. We all know it. All you people have to do is choose to get your swollen, pimpled, gud4nothin, obstructionist, cheeks up out of the way.

    Or you can all keep on playing your little games like all the kids aren't watching you h1jack their future for corporations that are barely running at the mercy of a frail old shoestring… and shouldn't be making their own legislation to govern themselves. Whatever you do, don't go make America right again, and strap Bernie to John's back and light the fuse. That would drain all your corporate investment accounts. Doesn't matter if 70% of the country wants something. You represent the will of Corporate Citizens. Not real people. Right Mr. Booker?

  2. "congress must act" lol, they are acting.. just not like adults. they're a do-nothing congress of fools and attention seekers. Are there any adults left to handle the children and put them in their place ? Your vote is your only choice, so you better get off your butt and cast it.

  3. Booker is a phony that gets into trouble if he says what he really thinks.
    This is from 2012:
    "Cory Booker's appearance on Meet the Press in which he condemned attacks on Mitt Romney's career at Bain Capital as "nauseating" and urging Democrats to "Stop attacking private equity" went great — for Cory Booker. He's already backtracked with a four-minute clarification on YouTube that didn't really back off the "nauseating" part."

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