Jimmy Reflects on His First Show Back | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


  1. The great Colbert. Seth too. That funny, funny Kimmel. Brilliant John Oliver… And maybe, please, please, they'll finally fire JIMMY FALLON. , grossly unfunny, drunken. Incapable of humor, warmth or genuine humanity… Never been good anywhere, ever PLZ JUST GO… JIMMY FALLON. But everyone else so glad you're all back. JUST LOOZ FALLON

  2. Just not as interested now that he's being called out. Work it out. I'm not going to support the show until these kinds of employee complaints are dealt with and Jimmy does some talking. We've been dealing with far too much drama. Itz one thing with WGA which I supported, but I don't give my support to shows who have these kind of abhorent complaints. He got to come back..now he needs to answer to and hopefully correct these issues.
    C-ya Jimmy. Hope to watch again in the future! ❤

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