Jon Stewart Is Returning To “The Daily Show” But Will He Get His Security Deposit Back?


  1. I dont even know who replaced him and don't care. But I am glad he is back now I will watch the show again. He comes across as intelligent and authentic…not just a teleprompter joke reading robot.

  2. I liked John Oliver when he filled in while Jon was in Israel and I tried to watch after Trev or No Laugh took over, but I gave up on the Daily Show long ago. Perhaps I shall emerge from below my desk as well to fulfill my role as watcher again.

  3. Jon Stewart is a Left wing Tucker Carlson. Both use the exact same Us vs Them rhetoric to pander to their respective fan clubs. Nothing has changed since they debated each other 20 years ago, other than both have become Millionaires doing this pointless shit.

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