Lords of the Fallen – Overview Trailer | PS5 Games


  1. This looks great, but I'm still worried it's gonna end up like a lot of potentially excellent AAA releases: plagued by unoptimization and bugs, glitches, open to hackers, and without support. PC releases have been rocky for a lot of games, here's to hoping that this one doesn't follow that trend.

  2. Based on what we have seen from gameplay and environments, I predict a Metacritic score of 85 – 88 It has potential to be the best Souls-like game yet, surpassing Nioh 2

  3. Holy Catholicism!!!!!!!!! This is going to be the greatest souls video game for all time in memoriam if this title lives up to the hype. The world building, the lore, the gear, the monsters, denizens and everything about this experience is the biggest and most exciting development in soulsborne since Elden Ring.

  4. The greatest form of flattery is imitation. This could very well be the most souls like game, that a souls like game can be without being made by From Software.

    I hope the difficulty matches the beauty of the world. It needs to be harsh and unforgiving. PUNISH ME!!!

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