Meanwhile… Taco Bell Drugs | Real Skin Robot Face | S’mores Instant Ramen


  1. The most topical technical noodle product tenderly prepared in the richest Styrofoam cup carefully prepackaged with dehydrated vegetables and chicken stock that is my nightly monologue.

    But sometimes just sometimes, I wake up in the whey protein toxic waste facility, where toxic runoff combined with bread crumbs expired marshmallows and enough heat to create the slurry s'mores soup that is my segment: meanwhile

  2. We already passed our Foodmageddon, if you ask me, when they stopped trying to artificially recreate flavors from nature and instead started insisting that their new products were flavored after other things that were artificial. For example, when the energy drinks started coming in "Skittles" and "Sourpatch Kids" flavor.

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