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  1. The only images of Australia should be Margot Robbie, kangaroos an those giant dinner size plate spiders. Throw in the drop bears with tasmanian devils at the end.
    The true image of Australia is Irwin wrestling a chicken brain crock.

  2. Gina Rinehart, of the portrait, is widely disliked here in Australia. She's the daughter of mining magnate Lang Hancock who opened up Australia's north west region's vast iron ore deposits. Gina is very unlikeable, except to other super wealthy people in the industry. The portrait is one of a set of 21 portraits of famous or significant people, including King Charles, previous Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Queen Elizabeth, Captina Cook and ACDC's Angus Young. They are a matched set, all painted in the same style. The Artist Vincent Namatjira is the great grandson of Albert Namatjira who is the most famous of Australia's indigenous painters. His landscapes revolutionised how Australians see the country. There is also a portrait of Albert Namatjira among the set of 21. Vincent was one of the 'stolen generation', kids who were taken from their families and delivered to often abusive foster homes in the city.

  3. I must tell you
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    Please don't denigrate new York city Mr nebulous South cackalacky. Un ha. I'm a ship at see it's true, still, have you met flavor. ?????? He is a flavor but I have and he is a cool guest for you in my opinion. A very generous new Yorker south cackalacky. Check it.

  4. As an Aussie,
    I would like it stated that Gina Mineheart is not a controversial figure… She's a cunt.
    I mean, I see how you can get confused, they both start with a "C", but legally…*legally*… Gina is a cunt, not a controversial figure.

    Its like saying Bob Murray was a controversial figure… except, without the legal ruling that a public figure can be called a cunt.

    …y'know, for the "Land of the Free", you guys sure have some funny laws that you cant do…
    Imagine if the news anchors and Journo's could tell Politicians to "fuck off"? …more people may actually be more invested in the news…and politics…

  5. Oh I love you opener with the Gina Reinhardt story. I have been living for this story. It was painted by an indigenous artist. She’s a mining billionaire. It’s too sweet.

  6. I love all your content….but as soon as you say "I sit over there……" I leave. Its stupid. Its boring….and all it does is say "there is good content coming…but I am going to make you wait for it…….. See ya.

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