1. It looks decent. I just wish the green screen looked less obvious. I have high hopes, I'm a bit afraid that the show will fail to show what matters most in the end :/

  2. To all the people who are angry about Annabeth being Black, ask yourself why because it really does not matter. You may call this reboot woke, but Percy Jackson has always been woke from the start.

  3. Percy blackson, blackabbeth chase, the olymblacks. We went from black lives matter to black lives matter too much or black lives only. Oh and zeus is black as well (God bless the actor's soul however may he Rest in Peace), maybe even clarisse too from other clips I seen. Thank you Disney for rotting everything you touch

  4. After the Death of The Cringey Disney Channel and Disney XD I really hope that these children do not get treated like shit and have their entire half of their childhood and teenaged years ruined. Both of those networks really lacked diversity so they want to pretend that they were always inclusive. This adaptation looks like a fun adventure but yeah the days of typecasting a kid based how the main character describes their friends from head to toe is not happening anymore. They are just gonna take anyone that does decently in the audition booth and move on with their lives. I got so sick and tired of Lionsgate trying to adapt every Novel Series in to Movies just to split the Last Book into 2 Films so many fucken times to the point where I gave up on them. Anything is better than that…

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