Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 'Episode 9 Trailer Breakdown'


  1. They all probably played into Mecca's hands, he might have set it up in a way that they become indebted to him for the robbery and they all work under him like Ghost & Tommy would find themselves indebted to different plugs and forced to work under them. Then Tariq will come up with a way to get them out from under him by taking him out of the equation. This might be how Tariq gets into a position to run a large scale operation by taking Mecca's whole operation forward.

  2. I keep saying thats mecca n dat dorm (mecca gone get zeke a coach sorry for spoiling it) he gone need ty to keep doing zeek work while zeek training. But I been said thats mecca in that dorm but let's see

  3. I think that hand is Lorenzo because Tariq slept with Diana plus he's the family's campus kingpin. And Lorenzo needs to make their first meeting a memorable one to make clear Lorenzo's station in family and impress on Tariq who's the "boss", or so Lorenzo thinks

  4. Mecca was in tariq’s room asking for his bags or bag that was stolen and you can tell it’s him is because lorenzo had all black on the other hand mecca typical wardrobe is dark on top lite on bottom or vice versa, either way tariq’s knows who mecca is and knows dirt on him so mecca doesn’t kill him he makes a deal with riq also they talk about ghost istg

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