RICHARD JEWELL Official Trailer (2019) Clint Eastwood, Olivia Wilde Movie HD


  1. for the civil libertarians out there, it is a good idea to just say No if the FBI asks if they can do something. They would not ask if they didn't have to… and an attorney should be telling what they really mean, because they can legally lie to you. Amen.

  2. “’Charlie’s Angels’ and ‘Black Christmas’ bombed because they’re woke.” – right wing “Joker” fan

    “Richard Jewell” grosses $5 million on opening weekend.

    “Oooooopssss!!!” – right wing “Joker” fan

  3. It's a flop! I wonder if Clint making it clear he was backing trump have anything to do with it? I sure won't go and pay anymore for any of his movies.

  4. I loved the movie. Anyone worried about Clint’s reputation after the media went after him for slandering. Don’t worry. After watching this movie it’s clear the media only cares about their own. The reporter is lucky to be dead and not be hounded by reporters for weeks.

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