Roy’s got a delicious idea for cutting-edge meat #TDSThrowback #roywoodjr #shorts


  1. Buila a mega factory. Put cells in a bioreactor add megawatts of power, add chemicals and hormones, and when it's done, you have destroyed the environment.
    Put a cow in a pasture, wait for it to grow, in the end you have real meat using only the sun and water.

  2. Two questions that we'll need to answer with this tech.

    Is it actually green? Cows eat grass, burp methane, and need physical space, and those aspects become a big deal when done at massive scale. So when scaled, does creating millions of pounds of meat using a "bio-reactor" have a smaller impact than raising cattle?

    Honestly, what about cannibalism? If you can grow cellular scrapings from an adult without harming them, and grow those scrapings into a steak of genetically human flesh, then it still makes me super uncomfortable, but why not?

  3. I haven't been able to afford beef and so long if they can grow some in a lab that is half price, I'll eat an entire cows worth right out of that test tube! The people said, give us beef!!

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