SHE CAME TO ME Trailer (2023) Anne Hathaway, Peter Dinklage


  1. He will leave you alone with the kids, that's the parisienne milieu. I was hoping for two American parents chasing their beat around Paris. Now, if they dressed the sets down you got one heck of a mimes story.

  2. I thought this might be great but then they mixed in quotes from third parties on how great the movie is. That ALWAYS tells that the movie will suck It is either quotes or festival logos and you will know that the movie will be awfull.

  3. Not feeling great about this one. Anne Hathaway has suffered enough and Hollywood needs to stop shitting in her open mouth. This feels like Dinner for Schmucks – but the Schmucks get to ruin your life and kill you. Ok with the last part but the average everyday aren't the play things of the would be Oligarchs. Bottom tier elites in sexless marriages don't need to open their eyes to the common folk. We were always there and don't give a fuck if you see us.

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