Stephen Colbert’s Super Postgame Super Monologue Super


  1. Wicked looked woke and hopeless like all the other remake garbage out there. Seriously Cartman was right. I hope Wicked is a disaster. Oh wait it'll be a disaster all on its own

  2. When I was younger and incapable of controlling my testosterone driven angst.. my wife gave me a bean bag globe. So tgatvwhen I hot pissed of at the world I coukd though the whole world against the wall… it always made me feel better and hurt no one

  3. Monday's monologue will be about the MAGA melt down, especially trump's tweet where he takes credit for Taylors success. Yes, the reason Taylor Swift has made so much money is all his doing. He truly is a stable genius, which is probably where the smell comes from… The stables.

  4. Super Bowl is just that – an overpriced sport that causes TBIs. Perhaps the money from the ticket sales goes to their healthcare? We would be better off investing in universal healthcare, education, housing, and environment. I am team SC. Thank you for the entertainment.

  5. All Canadians know all the lyrics to O Canada. Many of them also know all the lyrics to the US anthem (sad I know). Bare Naked Ladies?…meh, maybe that Big Bang Theory theme song that's about it.

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