Taylor Swift Steals the Show at Chiefs Game, Trump Attends Trial in NYC | The Tonight Show


  1. By far the most endearing I've ever seen Jimmy, humble and grateful for his privilege to be a star and entertain for a living. You know it beats the shit outta working in a kitchen 50hrs a week and it seems like he does too.

  2. i thought my internet was slow. the streaming video wasnt loading your next episode for what seamed like forever.. i called my provider who said everything looked ok.. now i know it was a strike..

  3. I really like Jimmy, Seth, Kimmel and Stephen, their shows and their humor!! What I don't understand is why Jimmy doesn't tell exactly why the podcast pays the staff of the show!! No word about the toxic work environment or climate they all had to endure around him and obviously around the other talk show hosts! I don't really know much about it, but to say absolutely nothing on the show is a bit a poor performance… Honesty is wholesome…

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