#TDSThrowback to the time #AnnaKendrick got the audience to turn on Trevor…over sweaters #shorts


  1. I am Canadian and studied in NY for 3 years. You'd get in a building in shorts and t-shirt in the middle of summer and the AC made it feel like 18 degree Celsius. I had to bring sweaters to go to class because people are still expected to wear a 3 piece suit everywhere.

  2. Men wear a formal suit that retains heat so the room is kept cold. If you wear cute dresses that expose 40% of body ofcourse you are going to be more cold. Men wear suits for manners, and we men know why women wear the type of dresses they do

  3. As a Brit, I love Trevor as he reminds me that not all of the U.S. thinks Trump is great……. most Americans are smarter than the impression the world gets from their Presidential choices.

  4. As long as men are expected to wear suits in office spaces, they get to set the maximum temperature.
    Women can simply wear more. Men cannot wear less.

    It's trivial, not patriarchy.

  5. Anyone working in an office knows this is true or if you work in customer service you’re denied sweaters for a weird reason. Even when I worked at places where women were running the place they kept it like a fridge. I’m starting to thing the buildings are just built to keep it at that level

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