THE BOOK OF CLARENCE Trailer (2024) James McAvoy, LaKeith Stanfield


  1. This is funnier when you realize that there were several people named Yeshua running around Galilee performing miracles at right around that time.

  2. Откуда негры в Иерусалиме? Вы совсем сошли с ума с вашей левацкой повесткой? Хорошо хоть Римлян неграми не сделали.

  3. I love how Judea is seemingly populated by Sub-Saharan Africans, whilst the Romans have apparently been too long away in Cloudy Britannia and have lost their olive skin.

  4. Insane how they are forced to cast black people ad the Messiah..not racist or anything but they try to change all the history because of some mentally sick people. The same with black is so fucked

  5. This is probably the most realistic Biblical story. There were false prophets before Jesus, and obviously somebody would try to grift off of Jesus’ hype. Looks good.

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