The Stranger Things Cast Plays True Confessions, Among Us and More! | The Tonight Show


  1. Jimmy Fallon, king of late night fun,

    But backstage, some things couldn’t be undone.

    The Rolling Stones uncovered a tale,

    Of a workplace vibe that was off the scale.

    Short in stature, but tall in pride,

    Had a little Napoleon tucked inside.

    Moody days and tempest nights,

    Keeping employees in a grip so tight.

    But then the story began to unroll,

    And Jimmy realized he'd dug a hole.

    He offered an apology, said "Oops, my bad!",

    Hoping to mend the reputation he had.

    He should have known, in comedy's realm,

    It’s better to be the captain, not overwhelm.

    Now Jimmy, next time you start feeling grand,

    Remember to keep a gentle hand.

    It’s never too late to change one’s tone,

    And create a workplace where kindness is shown.

    We hope for Jimmy, a lesson's been learned,

    And a more compassionate page he's turned.

  2. Fallon, how does it feel to ostracized by your so called family? When you decided to apologize for having Trump on your show, I couldn’t believe it! I loved you for being controversial. You are a nobody in my eyes because you caved in! You know, money isn’t everything but I guess in your eyes, it’s everything. Totally lost all respect for you for that bich move. You think your “friends” are standing up for you? Not unless the higher ups say it’s ok. You will always be remembered as a phony! Jimmy, start your own Podcast and redeem yourself!

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