This guy holds up a sign, gets money for beer, and annoys #RonnyChieng all at once #TDSThrowback


  1. Ive spend my entire life since i was a little brown boy caring for my sick mother in a house that only had running water, when the power bill was paid, trying my whole life to get into medical school. Served 12 years in the army, made it through nursing school, then finally at 36 years old got into medical school. Its cost me over $250k to get through medical school and make my lifelong goal a reality. And this guy gets 1mill for what!? This country is broken.

  2. I'm a full time busker.
    I make extra cash with an invisible wizard fish in a portable aquarium with air and bubbles. His name is Zot.
    My imaginary fish does not like to be insulted, and changes people into things nearby. A tree, a fire hydrant, a traffic sign…
    Sometimes the victims of Zot, The Invisible Wizard Fish, need money to buy a cure or to bribe Zot into changing them back.
    It's silly and funny and odd and… Zot made $400 in the past month.
    "Need money for World Peace through Global Dominion"! – Zot.

  3. A lot of homeless people & old people who desperately needs medical care but no one cares , BUT, then this idiot raised a million just for a BEER ? What type of people are we became ? These newer generations are becoming more & more pathetic, no sense of responsibility & humanity , shalllow & dumb !!!

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