TIME BANDITS Trailer (2024) Taika Waititi


  1. David Rappaport, John Cleese, Iam Holm, Michael Palin, Sean Connery…. I've been a longtime Gilliam fan- zany, poignant, satirical, creative, all those good things. This trailer just feels cheap in multiple ways; it feels hollow. The original Time Bandits had a weird, silly, but deep sense of humor and my gosh, some actual philosophical exploration of the nature of good and evil, etc. so opposite from the sucralose kind of humor in this mess. How long are film makers going to try to capitalize on nostalgia (I feel like we're living in the Wathcmen graphic novel). Why not take a risk (like Gilliam) and make something original even if people don't like it?

    The clueless Waititi is out to ruin it again!!!!!! How can we stop this clown?????? I am so sick of him and his shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sorry, but Time Bandits was one of my favorite movies as a kid ..
    It was legendary, it had sean connery and little people ,it didnt hold your hand like you were mentally inferior and it had class..
    Quit remaking classics and replacing them with trash ..
    Come up with some NEW FRESH ideas..
    Good lord ,does hollywood have any imagination or ceeativity anymore or is it reliant on AI nowdays…

  4. The only thing Hollywood knows how to do anymore is to be derivative of itself. No vision, contolled by corporate idiots, writing algorithms, and a desire to extract money from the people instead of making art, essentially Hollywood is dead. It's more masturbation than filmmaking

  5. I love Taika and Jermaine but no… this is blasphemy. You can’t just remake or reboot a classic 80’s movie like Time Bandits. That magic cannot be duplicated!

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