Trump’s Bull**** Rally | “I Don’t Care About You. I Just Want Your Vote” | MTG: Trump Is Like Jesus


  1. 200 civilians were murdered by Israel in Palestine, and that doesn't make your monolog? Your silence is complicity, Stephen Colbert.
    Pssst… Remember the colbert report? That was a little better

  2. domestic terrorist possible characteristics:

    A. Online mmos (religious tribals)
    B. Holland Michigan (tribals = religious)
    C. Disgruntled vets (tribal religious?)
    D. Republican (tribal/religious)
    E. Religious (tribal)

  3. I'm reminded of a line from the fan-made Star Trek: Continues:
    "My crew! They're my pawns, pawns need a king! They serve for my conquests, my victories! […] I can use them, break them, send them to their deaths, and they'll thank me for it!"

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