“Turn Your Worry Into Work” – Sen. Booker Invites Everyone To Get Involved In Politics


  1. Democrats need to help President Biden more -they just don't back him up enough and Biden cannot do it alone – get off your asses – I do not want to live in a Autocratic society .

  2. Not to mention the little problem that absolutely nobody who lives in a red or a blue state even gets a vote for president. Unless you live in one of the handful of purple states, your vote doesn't matter at all.

  3. That's a real nice speech, Corey, but you and your party have repeatedly refused to do anything to guarantee people rights to reproductive care and health care and clean water, specifically because if they had it, then you wouldn't have anything to dangle over their head and tell them they have to vote for democrats.

    We only have these problems today because when democrats get into power, they don't fix anything, because if they fixed things, they wouldn't have anything to campaign on for the next election.

    You think anybody is going to rally to help your side get elected when we know damn well that you're specifically going to refuse to do anything for us, because you don't want to risk having to come up with a new campaign speech?

  4. Booker is a phony that gets into trouble if he says what he really thinks, and not what people want to hear.
    This is from 2012:
    "Cory Booker's appearance on Meet the Press in which he condemned attacks on Mitt Romney's career at Bain Capital as "nauseating" and urging Democrats to "Stop attacking private equity" went great — for Cory Booker. He's already backtracked with a four-minute clarification on YouTube that didn't really back off the "nauseating" part."

  5. How about Democrats actually get involved in politics and actually try to inspire people with action? Won't happen. Democrats will gladly take your money but will not put up a fight in the long run. They are pushed over by Republicans and big money interests again and again. Still voting for Biden in November. We'll see what happens

  6. For anyone thinking both parties are the same…GTFOH and listen to representatives from either side. And for "Independents" or "undecided" who will vote for the fascist demagogue because he was convicted? You were never going to vote for a Liberal.

  7. Sen Booker explains it so well. Americans should pay attention to Sen Booker. For a country which all other countries look up to, some of its inhabitants are quite stupid I feel including the Black and Latino communities.

  8. How about you turn your salary into legislation before you start telling people how much harder they should work to feel better about all the crap you and your colleagues keep choosing not to do anything about. All you chronic lyin psych0paths think you can Iceberg Slim another generation of kids, but you can't. Maybe before 2010 some of this game you all play was still working, but it's over. These kids see everything. And the know everything. All of them are either going to be heard, or you will see a rapid increase in social chaos from these kids in the forecast. Not like us doesn't just resonate with rappers in the music industry. They are already chanting their battle cry. These kids are over it and the structures that kept them in check are gone.

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