Why Claudia Jessie Was “Elbow-Deep In Summer Muff” In Season 2 Of “Bridgerton”


  1. What's wierd is that I wouldn't call that a Birmingham accent, that's very London she's gone there.

    Anyway, clearly swept up in nervous energy, Claudia came across very well I thought.

    She was also good in a sitcom called Porters so has comedy chops.

  2. God above, she’s incredibly captivating and wildly entertaining on interviews! More of her please! She’s my favourite actor on the show…but I didn’t know she’d be EVEN more entertaining just as herself. She’s good craic.

  3. It’s great for me as an Englishman to hear just a regular London accent. She seems so unpretentious and comfortable in her own skin. It’s a rare thing for tv stars, I think.

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