WOLVERINE Teaser (2023) With Daniel Radcliffe & Dafne Keen


  1. Daniel doesn't deserve to be wolverine just like Paterson did in the new batman movie I refuse to watch both movies and wolverine is the best x men or mutant to me and I can't watch a movie making a actor I severely dislike as far as I'm concerned if Daniel is the new wolverine i would prefer wolverine stay dead

  2. Marvel is gonna cast wolverine very well. They've cast everyone perfectly tbh, it's gonna be great , I trust marvel at this point. They've created a great universe for the fans.

  3. Yuck to those choices! How about some guys that look the part -Scott Eastwood, Hayden Christensen, Liam Hemsworth, Justice Joslin, Diogo Moragdo, Brant Daugherty, Can Yaman, Aaron O’Connell…. These guys at least look like they could take on Hulk.

  4. What will be even more interesting is, if Marvel will actually portray Wolverine as a true 5’2” character instead of the 6’2” we have been seeing from the past twenty years…

    The Fastball Special would make a lot more sense…

  5. Pros: The content was interesting and informative. Cons: The title of this video is misleading because to my knowledge Mr Radcliffe has not been cast as Wolverine (although I'm certain that Disney's Marvel division is likely to have the X-Men on their radar for a future phase of the MCU). Also, there is that ongoing mispronunciation issue with regard to the name Feige… you know the rest, so please fix it.

  6. Daniel Radcliffe? I thought wolverine has been in both mcu and dc? Watching the old cartoons where wolverine was the only one who could control the hulk or was that superman? Haha obviously I never read any of the comics but I had a boyfriend who collected them.at that time I thought superman was the only hero besides TV spiderman*Nicholas was so cute! Why didn't he appear in no way home?

  7. Hugh Jackman was great- no doubt but the MCU need an actor who can perform at least for some more years Wolvie. If…I mean IF they ever cast for some reason Daniel Radcliffe as Logan it would be my very own "multiverse of madness" moment. Not because I don`t think he is a great actor or he can't fill the role- but it happend to me that my EX/ our Child (who happend to name herself either James or Logan) have/ or had so much resemblance to Daniel that they owned the nickname "Harry" at one point of their life and even complete strangers have called them "Harry" on the street. Don`t get me wrong but that would be VERY strange….

  8. mavrel needs to make a movie for each member of the xmen, then make a main crossover movie like they done with avengers, but where the avengers might fight the xmen, then the two teams finds out they have a common enemy

  9. i think Daniel Radcliffe as wolverine would be very interesting to see.I mean who wouldn't wanna see Harry Potter with adamantium claws? let us all be complete honest here. Hugh Jackman isn't coming back as wolverine nor should he, and if he did it would only serve to tarnish his cinematic send off of the character.

  10. I suggest the only person I feel would be able to fill his shoes…Scott Eastwood…if it is Daniel Radcliffe I would not watch anymore Wolverine movies

  11. No matter who Disney casts as Wolverine they'll screw him up. He is far too masculine of a character for the current MCU…And for anyone saying Daniel Radcliffe couldn't play the part you all forget, or are too young to remember, that nobody thought Jackman was going to do the part justice at the time. Same with Micheal Keaton as Batman.

  12. Replacing Jackman is a necessary but painful project. I my opinion, the most satisfactory way would be to have “creative” writers tell a story where the new character would in some way be exposed or have a transfer of Jackman’s essence transferred to them, thus carrying on the Jackman Wolverine character so we don’t have to watch yet ANOTHER origin story and also feel like Jackman will always be present in that character. This could be done by Wanda or some other witchy or mystical character that ties the new movie theme together. A new Jackman Wolverine in a different actors body. Ala, Altered Carbon.

  13. Well, in "Multiverse of Logan", we could probably expect to see many different movie, cartoon, comic, Netflix series and maybe cross-over iterations if we're lucky. Maybe even the non-mutant version where he's a rich billionaire play boy, with high tech gadgets, an iron suite and a Wolverine mountain cave somewhere in Canada. 😉

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