Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9 Trailer – Monica gets Killed by a WOLF!


  1. Kayce needs monica in his life. She is good for him and she keeps him grounded. The writers need to rethink their relationship which is good. They don't need to hook him up with a girl that has her a** in all the cowboy's faces. Monica is so much better than that and Kayce truly loves her and their son. The writer's are way off on this one.

  2. Go back to Dances With Wolves! I feel the Wolf will save Monica and the baby! The Wolf may lose it's life doing so. The Dutton's have a connection to the Tribes. Referring back to 1883, John Dutton gave a steer to the elder's of the tribe, feeding them. Might be something there. I do not think it would be written to kill a sacred animal!

  3. I think the new woman who is “in love” with Kaycie will have something to do with this sub plot line. Perhaps she is dangerous. She could try to kill Monica to have Kaycie for herself.

  4. I really don't care for Monica
    To me, it seems like she is trying to separate Casey from his family. Monica only wants Casey for herself, and leave his family behind for her, which is kind of selfish

  5. Do you guys ever tell the truth in anything that you post! We could only wish Monica dies. Not one thing you have ever posted has been true. You guys should be taken down with all of your damn lies.

  6. As much as I don’t like to wish bad things on people I really don’t like Monica & think her always having a problem with
    Kaycee’s Dad, his home the way he does everything , I still have a problem with her and the family leaving without a word to
    John (Kaycee’s dad) without even saying goodbye. A good Mother would have walked Tate over to say something & goodbye. She may have encouraged Tate to Thank him for his horse Lucky that he was leaving behind. I don’t care for Monica & her controlling behavior to Kaycee just bothers me.
    She seems to want to keep Tate from growing up & having to give him a bath &washing his hair with a cup instead of
    allowing him to take a shower is treating him like a baby instead letting him grow up & finding new interests with him as he gets older. Letting a scared traumatized
    Boy stay under the bed instead of seeking counseling for him is bizarre. I don’t think she will ever like John & will be a wedge between Kaycee & his father and I hope she goes. Since we don’t know what 2 trails Kaycee saw maybe had to choose between Monica & having a relationship with his father & family. I just don’t like the whining way she is continually trying to control Kaycee. It’s sad & boring. John tried hard to welcome her & Tate to his home and she didn’t like anything. If she missed her family & friends why didn’t she get in her car & go visit them? She wasn’t being held against her will to go see friends & family. She’s so sure the ranch is evil, she will never let Kaycee have a relationship with anyone at the ranch ( which I believe he would like a relationship with both).

  7. Monica is the constantly unhappy, unappreciative, "poor me" character in the show. I know the actress is just doing her job but it's hard to like her because of the writing.

  8. Kayce needs to focus on his whole family ! Duttons too.. He shouldn’t have to choose between his dad and Monica ! He wants to be with his father and his own family ! We don’t know … remember from beginning with wolf has been around him following him ! Monica needs to get a back bone . If can’t except white man then should of married Indian ! Just my thoughts ! No this is third time not second ! What he got from this was the couple going separate paths

  9. Monica is a weak woman. She gets in my last nerve! How do you marry a man with a Legacy of that ranch and not learn any inner strength at all? Omg, letting her son hide under the bed after he protected her! Girl bye! He needs a strong woman! I think it’s coming!

  10. I feel it is a foretelling that Monica is carrying the future heir. And that the Yellowstone will return to tribal lands. I think casino, development and airport will be stopped but John Dutton will buy the 6666. The wolf is a messenger not really there. Now if you check out wolf behavior a lone wolf is rare and they move for food. I have seen them everywhere, lower NYS, here in KY. They are usually in packs or join coyote packs. Some people even cross breed with shepherds and husky breeds. Kayce’s farm/ranch was empty so it makes sense wildlife moved in.

  11. Personally i think Monica needs to be wriiten out of the show. All she does is hold Kacey back. She refuses to live on the Ranch and doesn't want Kacey or Tate to see John or the rest of the family.
    She wouldn't even let Tate say goodbye to his grandpa or his horse. It's all about Monica, Monica, Monica…. Selfishness is what she is. She wants him all to her self, I'm not even sure that she wants to share him with their son sometimes. She wants to make sure that she keeps Tate still basically depend on her instead of letting him grow up a little bit. She should not be washing his hair with a cup still he's old enough to wash his own hair. Also as a Mother she should never had allowed her child to crawl under a bed a stay there refusing to come out, while all she did was hunch over crying until Kacey came in. Then she blames him for everything that to has happened as usual and says SHE CANT STAY HERE ANYMORE…… she's got to go. Monica is all wrong for Kacey and has been from day one episode one.

  12. That's a TERRIBLE theory. MKes no sense. If someone trapped and dropped off a wolf in an area that isn't their own that wolf would move on. They belong in a pack and would seek out a pack. At minimum it would move on due to being a pack hunter and jf its on its own it would have to search far and wide area to be successful hunting on its own and the LAST thing the wolf would do is hang out at a person's house. No this is Casey's battle within himself. Will he be a wolf and kill and become Rip, or choose his family and Monica's path in life? Will Monica join Casey and become part of the Duttons?

  13. A wolf is a guiding spirit .. I have a White Wolf as a guiding was at my bed side when I was on life support in a coma stayed until I came too seven months later .. true story

  14. There is symbolism from the wolf, but only Taylor Sheridan knows the direction. Can't wait to see what he does with the buildup now that everyone is paying attention. Always interesting….

  15. Finally! A drama from the very beginning. Totally exhausting her role! There wasn't a single moment when I saw Casey really happy by her side.

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