Author Claims Trump Has Severe Memory Issues, CNN Denies Claim Biden Asked to Sit During Debate


  1. As the heat wave hits us remember that the biggest impact a person can have on global warming is to go on a plant-based diet. In fact, according to the UN Council on Climate Change going on a plant-based diet has a greater impact than all other actions combined.

  2. I think Trump just don't remember names, cause he don't give a shit about these people. He is "The (burger) King", and writers, doctors, reporters, etc — these are just some unimportant peasants.

  3. I see that they are gaslighting people by saying Trump has memory issues when in reality its Biden! Trump forgets someone name, but Biden forgets where he is, what he's doing, cant read a prompter correctly, can barely walk or talk. I see the 50 million that Biden is spending to smear Trump is in full effect.

  4. How is the program for providing citizenship to thousands of immigrants part that are married to their american citizens how is that new? i mean my aunt got her green card (through the green card lottery which she won 5 years ago – her husbands American) she came from indonesia (she's from there) went to america got married and have been married for several years now and has been living in america for 5 years and is an american citizen, so i don't see how this is new.

  5. is not running for President running from the LAW and then is going to say


    Its your FAULT you knew I was a CRAZY

    Can I have home confinement please military prison.

  6. DJT still possesses a gun despite the fact that he swore he would not possess a gun as a condition of bail release in 3 states and DC, so he should be drinking toilet wine until he's served his sentences for 34 felonies and all other pending 54 charges. Maybe he can share a cell with Hunter, who perpetrated a very similar gun ownership crime that was also facilitated by a false sworn statement.

  7. hahaha. what a joke the Govt news stations are. We all see biden. They cant lie their way through this one…although the easily controlled here.. just goose step right along. The real "Big Lie" that biden is fit to be President. Every democrat is in on the "big Lie". Every stinkin last one of them is a Liar. Democrats Lie straight to you faces every day my fellow Americans. Vote every last democrat Liar out. Save the USA , Your children and the world

  8. I can’t believe you joke/jest about the former and current president. I thought you were different but you’re just like Kimmel. I don’t think it’s funny.
    Other than the presidential election jokes I do think you are a funny and talented comedian.

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