Cypher 007 Launch Trailer


  1. To anyone wanted to know what happened to Project 007, it’s still in development and is least 3 years away from releasing it, could be a 3rd person action game, it will not feature any of the actors from the films, and players will be allowed to make their own Bond, right now they’re hiring people for the upcoming project 007 game we could see something in 2024-2025 that’s what I heard recently

  2. देख कर तो यही लग रहा है कि महिन्द्रा झूठ बोल रहा है, सामने से इतना डेमेज है तो एयर बेग खुलना ही चाहिए था। अगर इतने डेमेज पर नही खूलेगा तो क्या केबिन पार कर दूसरे रो मे चले जाने पर खुलेगा?

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