1. This game still needs alot of work, someone care to explain how I at full health and extra armor/shield get one shot by just a deku and yet I wasn't even able to damage the dude??? This game is far from great it's okay at best. Please fix these issues I didn't pay 30 plus dollars to be screwed over like fortnite and warzone did too me. Make the map bigger the maps way too damn small and cluttered all to hell. These close quarters combat mechanics are hella annoying like balance the op characters some. Deku all might Ida and mt lady need a small nerf asap they do way too much damage against all the other non op characters it's kinda one sided please fix asap thank you.

  2. How many players are stuck on the title screen? I am constantly receiving the notification, "Network Error, Returning to Title Screen"
    I haven't been able to play this game for the past HOUR now.
    This needs to be fixed immediately.
    Im playing on my PS5.

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