The Crown Season 5 | What We Know


  1. i use to cry my arse off charles as a child & phillip towards his family .. and then felt some type of closeness with queen margaret bc of her husband not being attracted to her , al of these things made me change my mind about them,, even the queen!! ik many hold against her for not showing vulnerability to her family and the people but it made me realize it was the way she was next in line for the crown,, everyone forbid her to crack any expression.. just all of this made me feel many more positive feelings towards them ..

  2. I think the show should continue for an additional season after the final two to conclude with Elizabeth’s death. It would perfectly bookend the story and be a fitting conclusion to the show. I also think it would be an effective way to illustrate the fact that Elizabeth will very likely be the last queen to sit on the throne in our lifetime.

  3. The more King Charles and his siblings bitch about this show, the more people will take it as a serious and factual representation of events. If they would keep quiet and not draw so much attention to this "Work of Fiction" (which I do not see as so fictitious, as most of the portrayed events are common knowledge) they would be much better off. The Queen knew the secret of Royal silence and should have taught this to her children. King Charles is already having run-on mouth problems. Besides, my opinion of Prince Philip has gone way up since seeing him through the light the Crown puts on him. He is less the wooden Consort and far more human.

  4. Netflix doesn't need to add a statement at the beginning of each episode stating the series is a drama…..We all know it is, and parts are ficticious. They have done an incredible job with the casting. I was hesitant to watch seasons 3&4 since I was such a hige fan of seasons 1&2. However, I can't wait for the the final 2. Now as for Prince Phillip's portrayal did an outstanding job.

  5. Due to recent events. I don't know if Netflix will
    change anything. RIP Queen Elizabeth. BTW they were pretty tame on the truth of Prince Philip. He cheated far more than the show portrays. SHE was in love.

  6. Matt Smith – Daemon Targaryen
    Tobias Menzies – Edmure Tully
    Jonathan Pryce – High Sparrow

    We need a list of actors who played in both GOT/HOTD and The Crown. I’ve counted 6 so far but there must be some that I don’t know yet.

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