The Good Doctor 4×03 Promo "Newbies" (HD)


  1. The show is not going to be Covid related, apart from the first 2 episodes of this season because, you know, it's happening in real life, just like the disclaimer says at the start of the episodes. The actors most likely do not need to wear masks due to the fact that they are probably regularly tested, and as we all know you can't get covid from someone that doesn't have it. Also it's fiction, not real life

  2. I really hope the “You can’t ask that” clip is edited and Shaun asks something that is actually inappropriate, because there is nothing wrong about asking basic questions about your coworkers to get to know them better. Already don’t like this new character already

  3. So the first two episodes were kinda like a thank you to those in the field who have to handle the Covid-19 situation. While everything going forward is the planned original content they had for this season ok cool. Idk why people were snapping and canceling the show if that's the case

  4. I don't give a crap about any of the new characters. Shaun already has limited screen-time compared to the rest of the cast and we know why. Just like we know why these characters were brought in.

  5. You can't ask someone if they have a boyfriend because that's homophobic, i think its homophobic to think you can't ask this because they are 'gay' probably the same way Shaun sees it.

  6. Richard Schiff and his wife, Sheila Kelley, just tested positive for COVID, so we'll have to see how this impacts the show going forward. I would imagine everybody they came in contact with will have to now quarantine.

  7. So I wanted to start watching this show but I cannot invest my feelings and emotions for 3 seasons and then they kill him off without a plausible reason this is why I really do not watch TV series imagine investing your feelings for 3 seasons which is also practically 3 years of your life and then writers decide that a character is no longer necessary even though as fans you know that he pretty much necessary for the storyline and it honestly reminds me of how Clark just killed Bellamy in the 100 like imagine 6 years of your life watching the 100 and they give such a shitty ending just for shock value

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