Wish | Official Trailer


  1. This is so refreshing, and those those complaining shut the f up you are so t annoying and boring. It’s not Disney it’s u who have lost the magic , the art style is GENIUS it’s a combination of evolution and their old “ ways.

  2. Another quirky female character with over exaggerated expressions, if young ladies acted like this in real life people would literally think they need mental help. Whatever happened to the graceful woman?

  3. The only way that this will work is if the girl ends up getting her way in having the power to grant everyones wishes and then total chaos ensues and she understands the wisdom of the king to learn he's not a bad guy for not granting everything to everyone all the time.
    But who are we kidding?

  4. This doesn't look terrible. Kinda has the feel of old Disney movies. However, the princess needs to learn that all wishes being granted is a terrible idea. She needs to essentially be the villain of the story, despite having good intentions.

  5. So the main character is childish and short-sided, with no care of consequences, only focused on instant gratification. And the “villain” is basically a responsible parent who has wisdom.

  6. Lol more woke bullshit from Disney. The evil white controlling society. Let’s give everyone everything they want! Open the border!! Looking forward to another flop for these fools.

  7. White man bad. F*ck the patriachy. Did I get it? Did I win? Sorry Disney, you lost an entire generation. My kids are growing up without you. Their kids, will grow up without you. I will not be going to your overpriced run down parks ever again. How's that Star Wars hotel doing by the way? I won't buy your garbage merch. We cancelled Disney+ a long time ago. You ruin every IP you touch and we avoid them all now. No Star Wars, no Marvel, no Lucas films at all. We boycott them all. You've permanently lost our trust with your continued pursuit of identity politics. You're not a political party. You're an entertainment company that doesn't entertain anymore. You better sell ABC, and ESPN to cover your massive debt. This will be the…ugh…eleventh? massive failure you've released. I take great satisfaction watching your stock tank in real time.

  8. The animation is a little off, but it’s probably just in the trailer and in theaters it’ll look a lot better. And the main girl looks a lot like Moana, but same animators. What do you expect?

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